Gas Voucher Program

What is the flexible gas voucher program?

The flexible gas voucher program serves provides expanded transportation opportunities to households falling primarily under the 125% federal poverty line for looking for or maintaining employment. Volunteer drivers or clients may receive gas reimbursements after verifying their travel as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Drivers provide proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license
  • Trips are for allowable uses only (going to job-training program, going to Utah Department of Workforce Services or comparable employment agency, traveling to new job, maintain current job, etc.)
  • Either trip origins or destinations must be greater than ¾ mile from a fixed route stop

There is also limited funding for low-income seniors over 60 seeking medical assistance transportation, provided they cannot access Senior Transportation, LogistiCare services, or comparable opportunity. The conditions are similar to those for employment supports.

Ineligible reasons for transportation:

  • Medical – If on Medicaid or if other senior transportations available
  • Rides within St. George and Cedar City transit systems (although Community Action can assist with bus pass/bus voucher)
  • DMV visits (CSBG’s funding, as it’s a one-time occurrence)
  • Shopping is not an eligible reason for transport.
    1. Exception for clothing purchases directly related to job-seeking activities and picking up emergency food boxes
    2. Exceptions must be signed off by case manager in advance
    3. When driver is not reimbursed for side shopping trips, such side trips can still be integrated into trip by client and driver.

For more information, please call (435) 674-5757

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