Water/Sewer Assistance Program

This program will provide water and sewer assistance only to clients living at or below the 125% of poverty level, which includes eligible seniors and non-citizens. The assistance caps at $150.00. This assistance fills the gaps of the HEAT program to expand utility assistance and help households maintain their housing.

Five County will evaluate the success of the program by the following outcomes:

  • Low income clients will maintain affordable housing for 180 days
  • Low income clients will increase/maintain their income for 180 days
  • Low income clients will keep a job for 180 days
  • Low income clients will achieve/maintain capacity to meet basic needs for 180 days
  • Seniors (65 yrs +) and persons with disabilities/chronic illness(es) maintained their independent living situation

Ineligible reasons for assistance:

  • Applicant does not have a self-sufficiency plan which includes income to pay difference and ongoing bills.
  • Client was already served within the funding phase and/or used the $150.00.
  • Funding does not cover fees to turn back on the water.
  • Water/sewage bill isn’t listed under the applicant’s name

If you want to apply for this program or have further questions, please complete the online application or call (435) 674-5757.

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