Five County Deposit Assistance

Please note: Deposits can only be issued when there are funds available

One purpose of the Community Services Block Grant is to help overcome barriers to stability and self-sufficiency. Many individuals who can pay rent and/or utilities may not have deposits to move into an affordable housing units (rent is less than half of the gross monthly income).

Five County’s Deposit Assistance Program helps households with one-time rental/utility deposits.  Funding is limited and those showing greater self-sufficiency are prioritized.

What this program is:

  • Deposits given directly to landlords / utility companies
  • Deposits for rentals that are around 30% of household monthly gross income but not to exceed 50%
  • Help for working households in shelter who are not eligible for rapid re-housing assistance
  • Help for community members moving into more affordable housing
  • Help doubled-up families in the area who are living in unsafe housing (too many individuals than what city code allows).
  • One-time, once a grant cycle deposit into an affordable unit

What this program is not:

  • Homeless prevention
  • On-going rental assistance
  • Mortgage / down payment assistance (this program is for rentals only!)
  • A method to move into housing which is not affordable and reasonable for the living situation
  • A method of moving family members from out of the area for non-employment reasons (such as for retirement).
  • Funding for non-residents of the five county area
  • Deposit assistance for those who have already moved into a unit and have back deposits owed

For more information, please call (435) 674-5757.

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